I began Amplify Copy Studio in early 2019 as a solution for companies who strive, yet struggle, to bring their brand to life by painting the picture with words that matches the vision of their creative and brand/product architecture. Or perhaps their team feels so close to their brand that they inadvertently miss the sweet spot or right mix of words that will really resonate and align with their audiences' mindset. Other times there is just too much to accomplish and a team can't keep up with much needed copy assets. All challenges I experienced on the marketing and advertising teams of well known companies including Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Unilever Prestige, QVC, Borghese and Lester's. 

 I'm three parts logophile and two parts pop culturist (I'm a writer, not a mathematician!). To me, words are much more than letters that form an idea. They inspire and conjure imagery and imagination. I find nothing more fun and gratifying than crafting stories and sentiments that capture a subjects’ essence, evoke emotion and prompt action. Whether writing about beauty must-haves or penning bios, my brand of copy is energized, informative and engaging. My many years in fashion, beauty and lifestyle marketing has helped me to develop a layered approach to copywriting that parlays branding and consumer insights into concepts that truly connect. 

When I am not writing, I keep my creativity fueled with LOTS of coffee, healthy comfort food cooking, NYC power walks and H.I.I.T. training.